Wilco for Business

Wilco enables engineering teams to quickly and efficiently turn new hires into full team members and reskill teams for strategic initiatives.

Content partners including:

New: build custom challenges using your stack

How We're Different

Training Cycles

Save time with effective self-paced training that frees up experienced developers.

Lifelike simulated

Train your developers with hands-on, realistic assignments that utilize your codebase in a virtual training lab.

Tracking and

Get insights about your team's progress and readiness for new tasks and responsibilities.

Keeps your team

Keep your devs coming for more with industry-leading engagement rates due to a unique game-like structure.

A Unified Solution for the Full Cycle of developer upskilling

Streamline the process and improve outcomes for every skill-related training scenario

Everything You Need to Engage Your Developers


Design certification workflows with automated progress tracking and completion triggers.


Create training modules that combine content from Wilco, our partners, and custom challenges.


Create lifelike, engaging, hands-on scenarios using the Wilco stack or your own codebase.


Wilco users don't need to install anything. Even the development environment is cloud-based.

Admin Panel

Easily track, manage, and analyze how your developers interact with Wilco and what the gaps in their knowledge are.

Engagement Features

Create custom challenges, leaderboards, and multiplayer functionality to keep your developers engaged.

Out-of-the-Box Support for popular stacks

Or Intergrate your own Stack!

What It looks like

Developer Experience

Lifelike simulated environment with the company stack.
Engaging challenges and challenge bundles that simulate real work.
Enrichment materials from Wilco’s content partners.
Leaderboards, achievements, multiplayer functionality.

Manager experience

Progress tracking for employee/team/department.
Automated completion-related authorization scenarios.
Engagement analytics.
Leaderboard creator.

Industry Leading Technology and Support

Wilco is by far the most engaging tech training solution we’ve seen. We’ve chosen the platform to onboard new hires, prepare team members for on-call shifts and upskill our more experienced devs on an ongoing basis.

Dan Van Tran CTO

Wilco's simulated work material surpassed the effectiveness of generic tutorials, resulting in a reduction of the time required to learn while maintaining high levels of engagement.

Devin Bransfield Technical Development Advisor

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