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January 8th - 28th, 2023

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What quests are and why you should build them

Meet Wilco!

The Wilco platform enables developers to acquire and practice marketable skills by solving hands-on challenges that look like real work tasks, in a production-like environment. From fixing a bug in production to integrating search functionality, Wilco feels like the real deal to make the experience count.

With Wilco’s new Quest Builder, you can create your own challenges
and share them with the entire community.

all you need to know

Who can participate in this hackathon?

Anyone can participate in the hackathon! To succesfully create a quest, a team will need at least one member with working knowledge in React, as well as Python/Node.js/Ruby on Rails.

What are the prerequisites for joining?

In order to join the Hackathon you'll need to sign up to the Wilco platform and complete the onboarding. This will enable you to playtest your quest before submitting it.

Do I need to have a team to register?

Want to create a quest on your own? No problem! You can also find a team by joining the Wilco Discord server and going to the #find-a-partner channel.

Do I need to have an idea to register?

No! You can pair up with a team with an existing idea. Or you can get inspired and check the Discord channel #Ideas feedback and inspiration. You can also check a pool of ideas we’ve put together here

What do I need to submit?

You'll have to submit a production-ready quest in English, along with the solution and a 60 sec video showing the quest. Once you submit the quest for review, you will need to fill out this form so your quest can be accounted for as part of the hackathon.

What’s the agenda?

All the sessions will be announced via email and through Discord. However, if you want to take a look already and the sessions to your calendar, you can check them all here.

Can I submit multiple ideas?

Of course! The more, the merrier!

What is the selection process and how will you choose a winner?

While you can start working on your quest already, please submit the quests between January 8th, 9 am CET, and January 28th, 5 pm CET.

The earlier you submit, the more time we will have to review the quest and give you feedback.

After we close the submissions on January 28th, we will finish reviewing all submitted quests. We will then post them on a public voting page. The community will be given 5 days to cast their vote and select their favorite quest. All participants can vote as well, and the link can be shared with your network to bring in more votes!

On February 5th at 5pm CET (11am EST), we will close the voting process. The top 5 quests will then be evaluated by our team based on the following:
- Quest concept
- Creativity and narrative
- Quality of code

three easy steps

You’ll need some techical knowhow to build your first quest,
but we’ll be there to help you all throughout the journey.


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