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Want to get employees ready for on-call? Practice before switching to a new stack? Upskill them using a real-life tech stack and a simulated, live environment

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On-Call Training

Ensure employee on-call readiness by simulating crises and practicing mitigation workflows using Wilco's production-like environment, including high-impact scenarios unique to your organization.


Streamline employee onboarding using narrative-driven development "quests" designed to familiarize the new employee with your company's tools and practices, using a self-guided approach.

Learning and Development

Help developers of all seniority levels achieve sustained, continuous professional development in both hard and soft skill areas by giving them unlimited access to Wilco's full catalog of skill-developing quests.

New Stack

Familiarize your dev teams with a new stack they're about to begin working on through an engaging simulation of the tasks they're going to face. Track their progress to know when they're ready for the new project.

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