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Wilco Justt

Justt Upskills Its R&D Team Using Wilco for Teams

The Partner

Justt - Hands-off software for chargeback prevention

Justt is an innovative fintech startup that came out of stealth in November 2021 with $70 million in funding. The company helps online merchants automatically dispute false chargebacks and reduce fraud. With over 100 employees, Justt is a rapidly growing company.

The Challenge

Upskilling engineers during a period of rapid growth

Due to its pace of growth, Justt was looking for a third-party partner that could help upskill its engineers throughout their employment, starting with onboarding.

It was also important for Justt that its engineers enjoyed the process, creating a holistic fit with the general work culture at the company.

The Solution

Wilco’s solution for teams

Using Wilco, Justt was able to quickly and effectively upskill its R&D team in a way that can be easily reproduced for each new hire while getting positive responses from team members about the process.

Justt was able to:
- Provide its engineers with engaging, hands-on dev challenges that used its stack of choice.
- Ensure all its engineers gained experience solving problems in a production system, using Wilco quests that simulate production problems.
- Track the progress of its employees on Wilco.

Scope Expansion

Quest Builder and Wilco for Teams

Following early partnerships such as with Justt, Wilco developed a full, commercial, team-based offering for teams.
Wilco also launched a Quest Builder, an extension of the Wilco platform that enables everyone to build quests, including non-public quests our commercial clients can build specifically for their teams.

"My team was enthusiastic about using Wilco ever since we first laid our eyes on its Slack-like interface. The team felt tangible improvement in work-related skills, adding to their confidence when faced with production challenges related to those they resolved using Wilco."

Linoy ShkuriR&D Manager at Justt

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