Case Studies

See how Wilco's clients benefit from showcasing their products and workflows to developers using a game-like virtual training lab that simulates real work challenges.

MongoDB: Built by Developers, for Developers
Learn how Wilco’s hands-on developer training platform lets MongoDB conduct hands-on activities at scale over the internet.
Twilio Segment: Challenge based Exploration
Discover the value of Twilio Segment through challenge-based exploration.
New Relic: The value of observability tools
Discover how Wilco has created an original way for developers to gain experience with tools.
CircleCI: Continous Integration and Delivery
Learn how Using Wilco’s virtual lab platform, CircleCI was able to solve several challenges both in the sales cycle and the client onboarding phase.
Mixpanel: Continous Integration and Delivery
Discover how Wilco developed innovative solutions for showcasing mixpanel's advantages and ease of use.
Personal Case Study:
Oryam Nehoray
Discover how Wilco helped a junior developer to make the next step on his professional journey
Armory: The Modern
Software Delivery Platform
Discover how Armory Leverages the Wilco Quest Builder to Showcase Continuous Deployment.
Justt: Hands-off software for chargeback prevention
Learn how Justt Upskilled Its R&D Team Using Wilco’s Offering for Teams.
Maxx Potential: Apprentice Upskilling
Discover Why Maxx Potential Uses Wilco.
Personal Case Study: Ryan Olson
Find out how a Junior Developer got a job using Wilco. Never Build Permissions Again
Discover how helped developers understand its authorization solution using Wilco.