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Wilco Maxx Potential

Why MAXX Potential Uses Wilco


MAXX Potential

MAXX Potential is a company run by experienced IT professionals who are committed to paid Apprenticeships for high-potential aspiring technologists of all ages. The MAXX Potential apprenticeship model seeks to equip apprentices with knowledge and mentorship experience. The goal is to outfit each apprentice with technical skills that can be applied to their client-assigned work.


Apprentice Upskilling

MAXX apprentices face a leveling-up system that can be quite challenging. Seeking to provide their apprentices with tools for success, MAXX Potential used a number of standard tutorials; however, apprentices struggled to retain the information.

The company recognized that it needed something to assist apprentices across the void between their tutorial learning and the actual application.

The Solution

Wilco’s simulated learning increases developer skills

Several months ago, one MAXX apprentice discovered Wilco and signed up for beta access. Within just a few weeks, he expanded his knowledge beyond what the standard tutorials offered.

MAXX Potential apprentices were able to expand their dev skills using the unique, hands-on upskilling experience Wilco provides. Rather than focusing on theoretical tutorials, Wilco presents developers with training modules that consist of hands-on, lifelike challenges.


More Quests, More Topics

Using Wilco, MAXX Potential apprentices can:
- Experience tasks and scenarios faced by developers on a daily basis.
- Train to address crises such as production failures in a risk-free environment.
- Start upskilling within a few minutes, utilizing cloud services such as GitHub and Codespaces.
- Complete certification “journeys” to prepare for specific use cases and tech stacks.

"Wilco’s simulated work content blew generic tutorials away. We’ve seen apprentices use Wilco, receive less information, and engage in the tasks, discovering their way forward rather than leaning too heavily on a step-by-step tutorial"

Devin BransfieldTechnical Development Advisor for MAXX Potential

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