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Wilco Permit.io

Permit.io Helps Developers Understand
Its Authorization Solution Using Wilco

The Partner


Permit.io is a full-stack permissions service that has devoted its efforts to solving the common problem of building authorization and access for cloud applications. . It provides a full-stack authorization powered by open-source and low-code interfaces, enabling developers to never have to build permissions again, while empowering all the other stakeholders (e.g. product, security) to participate in managing access.. Permit.io launched out of stealth earlier this year with $6 Million in seed funding from NFX, Rainfall Ventures, and a number of notable angel investors.


Build Authorization into a Product

Access control is an important part of developing modern cloud applications.
The Vast majority of data breaches are caused by improper authorization, both across public cloud services and in the private cloud. One of the reasons for this is the difficulty in access control implementation. Permit.io, which simplifies building authorization into a product, needed a way to convey to developers just how easy it is to do correctly with the right tools.

The Solution

Wilco’s Quest Builder for Demoing Dev Tools

Using Wilco, Permit.io was able to:

Demonstrate the ease of their authorization product. Developers who don’t come from a security background often don’t understand how easy it can be to secure their system by implementing granular access control. With Wilco, they can see the simplicity of Permit.io themselves.

Create an interactive product demo experience. For prospective clients, the Permit.io Wilco quest enables them to experience the system risk-free without having to integrate it into their product.

Increase their brand equity by showcasing best practices. Community members can use the Permit.io Wilco quest to understand how access to a web-based product should be controlled to create a strong security posture.

The Results

Better product showcase

Check out Permit.io’s first quest, “Never Build Permissions Again,” here. Authorization and access control are hard, and building them yourself is even harder. In this quest, Permit showcases its offering as a Full-Stack application-level authorization solution, providing a no-code UI to manage your roles and permissions, allowing you to scale, change and update policies effortlessly in a matter of minutes.

Scope Expansion: More Quests Are on the Way!
Permit.io are planning to create more than 10 quests to help the developer community understand authorization best practices and showcase their product!

At Permit.io we're developers building for developers; so we understand being a developer is a lot more than just computer science. Knowing how to work with a team around complex problems and powerful tools is a must. The permissions space is a classic example of developer knowledge, and we're excited to use Wilco to bring it to everyone.

Or WeisCo-Founder and CEO

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