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Personal Case Study: Senior Developer @ Tikal

The Partner

Meet Oryam

Oryam Nehoray is at his first job as a senior software developer. He’s currently employed by Tikal, a hands-on tech consultancy that employs hundreds of R&D experts who work with some of the best-known Israeli companies. Tikal’s experts often assist companies with specific projects, moving from company to company when their job is done.

The Journey

The Road to Seniority

Oryam attributes his progression from a junior role to a senior one to, among others, the experience and skills he acquired during his time with Wilco. One of the more engaged Wilco users, Oryam explored the entire catalog and practiced senior-level scenarios when he was looking to make the next step on his professional journey. 

Oryam was among the select few users who were invited to assist Wilco with feedback and content development. He even became part of a user team that designed a new quest from scratch. His engagement paid off. In an interview with Wilco, he mentioned improvement in skills such as his ability to read code and CI flow, script writing, approaching unknown codebases, and switching between technology stacks. These skills came into play when interviewing for his first senior position, and helped him succeed in it.

“I began encountering challenges at my day job that I’ve seen and solved before — as Wilco quests” Oryam said in a user interview.  This experience is central to the difference between a beginner and a senior engineer. The fact that in Oryam’s case, it was simulated and acquired in an accelerated manner, rather than through years of waiting for challenges to arise, did not make Oryam any less qualified for a senior position. 

"Wilco gave me a good perspective on my skills as a developer, taught me new engineering concepts, and enabled me to experience a “real job” without the pressure.

I believe I’m a better engineer after using it, and would absolutely recommend it to other developers.

I began encountering challenges at my day job that I’ve seen and solved before — as Wilco quests."

Oryam NehorayFrontend Developer at Tikal

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