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Discover the Value of Twilio Segment Through Challenge-Based Exploration

The Partner

Twilio Segment Customer Data Platform

Twilio Segment is the leading Customer Data Platform, used by over 25,000 businesses to grow efficiently by collecting, cleaning, and activating their customer data. Segment accomplishes this by collecting events from web and mobile apps and providing a complete data toolkit to every team in the company.

290K+ Active Customer Accounts
41% Weekly Active Users increase since 2020
22 Global Offices Worldwide


Seeing Is Believing

Segment is a platform that’s difficult to demonstrate in a short session, requiring both a frontend application that can send data and access to destination tooling that receives it. Setting up a test environment can be a hurdle for prospective users. Before Wilco, Twilio mostly relied on Sales-led demos and self-directed study through the free tier.

The Solution

Hands-On & Easy to Experience

Wilco enables Twilio to showcase Segment and teach new users with interactive, hands-on scenarios that are preconfigured and can be started in just a few moments. Not only does this enable Twilio to show the platform using lifelike scenarios, but it also ensures that hands-on exploration is just a few moments away whenever someone expresses interest in Segment or one of its features.

The Results

Shorter Time to Value, Better Exploration

The first quest created by Segment on Wilco teaches users how to integrate Segment into their analytics stack. Through a series of steps and challenges, users discover how to set up their Segment workspace, configure their data sources, and implement tracking on their website. They also learn to use Segment's features and tools to manage their data and troubleshoot any issues.

"Segment is an infrastructure-type tool that can be hard to demo without having other components present. Wilco's quest builder makes it easy to have those components preconfigured so that the prospective customer can jump right into the learning rather than spending a lot of time fiddling with environmental quirks. Wilco was a great fit for us at Segment because it neatly wraps the whole developer experience.”
Ben LinkDeveloper Advocate
Twilio Segment

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