We are proud to partner with MongoDB, the leading Developer Data Platform. Try the first journey created by MongoDB on Wilco and learn how to integrate MongoDB Atlas with PHP and Laravel.

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"The Wilco platform allows MongoDB to take the best elements of “learning by doing” out to a wider audience and engage them with tasks and challenges that are both fun and educational. By getting developers to use MongoDB as part of a quest, and dive into our developer data platform, we hope to open the doors to them to consider MongoDB for their next project or workload. Moving to Wilco, greatly enhanced our ability to have an engaging, immersive, educational and entertaining learning experience globally, and at scale!"
Shane McAllister
Lead Developer Advocate (Global)

Building a Journey With Wilco

Wilco’s hands-on developer training platform lets MongoDB conduct hands-on activities at scale over the internet.

The first quest created as part of this partnership is “Atlas, Rise”, which teaches the basics of MongoDB Atlas. In it, the user creates a new cluster, configures the connection string, and accesses the database to read data. Along the way, they explore Atlas's features and gain experience working with a cloud-based NoSQL database.

Following the introduction of "Atlas, Rise", a second quest will teach users how MongoDB integrates into Laravel and how to use the MongoDB native query API.

Embark on a concise journey where you'll master the seamless integration of MongoDB Atlas with PHP and Laravel, equipping you to develop dynamic web applications with modern data storage capabilities.

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