Armory Leverages the Wilco Quest Builder to Showcase Continuous Deployment Best Practices Using the CD-as-a-Service Platform

Armory Leverages the Wilco Quest Builder to Showcase Continuous Deployment Best Practices Using the CD-as-a-Service Platform
Written by
Wilco Team
January 11, 2023

The Partner: Armory

Armory makes continuous deployment achievable and effortless, at any scale, for all developers. Easy-to-use continuous deployment (CD) solutions eliminate the need to migrate away from existing tools and minimize disruptions to an existing software delivery lifecycle. Developers can easily and confidently deploy updates that improve and protect their customer experience. 

The Challenge: Conveying Complex Concepts

Armory was looking for a new take on teaching complex technical concepts to DevOps engineers. Continuous deployment, while immensely important for modern DevOps, isn’t easy to plan and implement in an efficient and scalable way. Understanding best practices before you’re locked into a specific process is vital for efficiency and can help you make better deployment decisions for your organization. 

The Solution: Wilco’s Quest Builder for Demoing Dev Tools

Using Wilco, Armory is able to showcase its Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service platform to DevOps engineers within Wilco’s environment, while conveying best practices for CD through hands-on, engaging challenges. The benefits include:

  • Exposing DevOps engineers to Armory in a safe, yet production-like environment.
  • Furthering brand goals of providing value to DevOps engineers.
  • Showing how Armory’s best practices can be used to create good CD infrastructure.

Scope Expansion: More Quests, More Topics

By breaking down the material it wants to convey into several quests, Armory can focus each quest on a specific topic and accelerate the upskilling process by making the necessary knowledge bite-sized and easier to absorb. 

This is why quest one is focused on configuring CD and future quests will dive into topics such as further CD concepts and advanced deployment strategies, including canary deployment. 

“Armory is super excited to partner with wilco in creating on-demand classes to teach continuous deployment. Wilco brings a novel approach to learning by replacing a dry classroom experience with an interactive, day-in-the life story. Along the way Wilco gamifies learning to provide rewards and leaderboards to students along their journey. These approaches combine to create a fun and compelling environment for students to learn by doing.” Said Stephen Atwell Principal Product Manager at Armory

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