Mixpanel Shortens Time-to-Value using Wilco’s Hands-On Dev Challenges

Mixpanel Shortens Time-to-Value using Wilco’s Hands-On Dev Challenges
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Wilco Team
March 21, 2023
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The Partner: Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a leading product analytics software company, currently helping the world answer 81 million product questions every year. Its event-based tracking solution gives product teams the ability to gain insights into how to best acquire, convert, and retain their users across web and mobile platforms.

The Challenge: Selling the Value Moment

Today, Mixpanel serves 7,000+ paying customers. Its brand recognition and reputation are exceptional, and its processes are very data-driven. As part of its desire to continuously improve everything around “the value moment”, in which a potential customer recognizes the value of Mixpanel, the company was exploring innovative solutions for showcasing its advantages and ease of use.

Another piece of the puzzle for Mixpanel was reducing the effort needed to onboard new partners and train their team to use Mixpanel. 

The Solution: Building A Quest With Wilco

Mixpanel’s Wilco quest is an innovative, hands-on way to understand the value of Mixpanel and the capabilities of the product. By conveying the “value moment” within a quest, Mixpanel is able to take advantage of the core principle behind Wilco: in some cases, it’s much easier to learn and understand by doing. 

Mixpanel’s quest simulates an analysis of an e-commerce business. Its users get to experience the effectiveness of Mixpanel when it comes to providing actionable insights about the business — from event comparison to funnels and complex data analysis with just a few clicks.

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