Managing Hybrid and Remote Dev Teams: An Interview With Walnut’s CTO

Managing Hybrid and Remote Dev Teams: An Interview With Walnut’s CTO
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November 15, 2022
Senior Mindset

During COVID-19, many development teams around the world adopted remote work policies. Nowadays, people might be more comfortable coming to the office, but they don’t necessarily see the point in coming every day. Hybrid and remote dev teams are more common than ever before. But is it a fad, or are we past the point of no return (to the office 5 times a week) for dev teams?  

In the second episode of our tech lead Twitter space series, Wilco’s CEO On Freund welcomed Walnut’s Danni Friedland to talk about managing hybrid and remote dev teams and how to do it effectively. In this session, On and Danni discuss the following:

  • Danni’s take on remote work.
  • Unique challenges in leading remote teams.
  • The ideal way to structure a remote dev team.
  • Advice to managers who want to manage a remote team and to companies that want to set up a dev team around remote work.
  • The downsides of managing a remote development team.
  • Is scaling a remote team different from scaling an on-site team?
  • The remote/hybrid/on-site spectrum and how to find the sweet spot.

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