New Quest: Add CSS to JSX components in "Iron Components"

New Quest: Add CSS to JSX components in "Iron Components"
Written by
Wilco Team
January 17, 2023

Today, we are proud to welcome the first bootcamp-authored quest into the Wilco catalog. Ironhack, one of the leading international coding bootcamps, used Wilco’s recently-launched Quest Builder to create an engaging challenge for frontend developers. 

The quest, Iron Components, focuses on the styled-components library and how it can be used to write CSS directly within JavaScript components. During the quest, developers will install the library, refactor a component to use it, fix faulty styles, and complete several other tasks aimed at familiarizing them with the library and its abilities. 

By learning to work with styled-components, developers will acquire valuable skills related to frontend development. Moreover, they’ll get the opportunity to experiment and fix problems in a production-like system, preparing them for the common task of fixing someone else’s mistakes. 

The quest is available today as part of the Wilco catalog. 

Go ahead, try it out!