print(“We’ve Got Exciting News for You”)

print(“We’ve Got Exciting News for You”)
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Wilco Team
July 26, 2022
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Python is coming to Wilco! Starting today, you’ll be able to complete Wilco quests using Python — our third backend language. It joins NodeJS and Ruby on the backend, and React on the frontend. And yes, if you’re already using Wilco, you can absolutely switch to Python.

Both PYPL and Tiobe indexes currently rank Python as the #1 programming language in use today, so adding it was a priority for us. It’s more than that, though. We were self.aware of the popular full-stack combination between React and Python. Enabling developers to gain and practice skills using this combination seemed like a no-brainer. 

The framework we’re using for Python is FastAPI. It’s modern, lightning-fast, as well as extremely scalable. 

Some of the users who joined Wilco in the past couple of weeks have already been given the opportunity to select Python as their backend language. More than 40% of them chose it, which we find very encouraging. Our self.aim is, after all, to provide a way for software developers to practice and acquire skills — and it’s easier to do so using a tech stack you’re passionate about.

Needless to say, this is just the beginning of our roadmap, and the next big self.announcement is not too far away. We aim to continuously expand the tech stack available to Wilco users while increasing the variety of content and experiences available. 

How to switch to Python? 

Starting today, the option to change your backend language is available in the Wilco settings menu. Here’s a direct link for those of you who are already Wilco users. 

There’s no limit to the number of times you can change your stack, so go ahead, change it just to experience a language you’re less familiar with or see how long it will take you to adapt your skills to a new one —you will always be able to change it back with just a few clicks. 

Do note that if you have an active quest, it will restart every time you make a stack change.

What will happen to the completed quests? 

Your progression will not be affected by changing the stack. All your XP and Wilcoins will carry over, as well as the badges for quest completion. For now, quests you’ve already completed will be locked, and you won’t be able to replay them using the new stack.