How to Scale Your Dev Team: An Interview With Blue Apron’s CTO
How to Scale Your Dev Team: An Interview With Blue Apron’s CTO
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October 6, 2022
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Managing the day-to-day of a dev team is a challenging task. Scaling a team is a whole different ball game.‍In our very first ‘Tech Lead’ session, hosted as a Twitter pace, our CEO On Freund welcomed Blue Apron’s Irina Krechmer to talk about team scaling and how to do it successfully. ‍In this session, On and Irina discuss:Structuring your dev team as you scale.What should we be mindful of when scaling your team.The biggest challenge for leaders and how to address them.Maintaining team culture as the company and teams grow.Ensuring your  team members’ professional development.Ensure cross-pollination of ideas and learning when people aren’t in the same office.Preparing for big challenges: massive projects, implementation of new tech, building something completely new.‍Listen to the full session here:‍

What is Tech Lead:‘Tech Lead’ is a Twitter Spaces series by Wilco, where each month we interview a tech leader to discuss the challenges they face and how to overcome them.‍Follow Wilco on Twitter to be the first to hear about our next ‘Tech Lead’ episode.‍

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