Introducing Wilco Journeys

Introducing Wilco Journeys
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January 26, 2023

Today, we're launching a new feature to help junior devs get their next job: Wilco Journeys. Journeys are collections of quests around a common topic, with a completion certificate.

Our first journey is for fullstack developers, with a particular focus on junior devs whose CVs aren't necessarily a good reflection of their skills. By completing the fullstack journey, these devs will have a certificate and a collection of GitHub PRs to show during the initial candidate screening phase. They'll also be more prepared for technical interviews, having completed four fullstack challenges that simulate real life tasks.

So whether you want to use the fullstack journey to hone your skills, assemble a collection of PRs that showcase your abilities, or be more prepared for any technical interview, it's there to help you!

As for what you'll be doing, here are some of the tasks covered in the journey:

  • Populate a database using a data seeding script.
  • Create an API endpoint.
  • Add a UI component.
  • Deploy an app to a K8s cluster.
  • Refactor a class component into a functional component with Hooks.

Don't delay, start your fullstack journey today!