Showcase Your Experience With Wilco Developer Portfolios

Showcase Your Experience With Wilco Developer Portfolios
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November 30, 2022

It’s difficult out there for developers right now. All across the world, companies are making painful cuts to their engineering workforce, pausing R&D initiatives and refocusing on money-making products after a decade of unprecedented growth. 

Since Wilco was built on the promise of enabling developers to acquire and practice marketable skills, we’re always looking for new ways to benefit the developer community. And several weeks ago, we got inspired by a user to build something that grew into a project we’re launching today: developer portfolios.

A Wilco User named Ryan approached us recently with his personal success story. Like many others, he was looking for an engineering job. He was able to get one in part by showing his Wilco progress: submitted PRs, solved quests, and platform achievements. 

Discussing Ryan’s story internally, we understood that there should be an easy way for Wilco users to showcase the practical experience they’ve gained on the platform. So we built one.

The developer portfolios, which we will generate automatically for our users based on their Wilco activity and public GitHub information, are designed to make it easier to showcase marketable skills. A portfolio page distills the user’s Wilco experience and GitHub contributions, making it easier to ascertain their skills. 

In an industry that often values hands-on experience over everything else, we believe the developer portfolios can be an invaluable tool for engineers whose CVs don’t accurately reflect their skill sets and abilities. 

What you can see today is only the first version of developer portfolios, but we believe that they can already help developers showcase their skills and experience, especially if they're looking for work.

Like our quests, the Wilco developer portfolios are open and free for all to use.  

You can sign up to Wilco right now to create your developer portfolio page. If you’re already a Wilco user, you can access the portfolio page from the navigation bar or by clicking here.

Read Ryan’s story here.