Engage, Train, and Assess Using A Hands-On Virtual Lab
Increase onboarding success rate, reduce training times,
and optimize engagement with Wilco’s lifelike, hands-on training modules.
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The Wilco Method

Wilco Quests:
your path to higher engagement

Wilco’s virtual lab platform excels at training and certification. Our secret? We let people learn by doing, using hands-on challenges that mimic real work in a realistic environment.

streamlined learning

Make sure your users never get stuck while on their product exploration journey. We leverage natural language, AI-enhanced bots and a realistic, Slack-like interface to keep things helpful while maintaining immersion.

Certify, challenge, award

Create your own end-goal scenarios for Wilco journeys. From certifications to friendly workplace competitions and engaging competitive leaderboards, Wilco’s finish line is highly customizable.

Track and optimize with
powerful analytics

Detect friction points in your product and curriculum with our comprehensive suite of analytics. Inform Product, Sales, and Marketing teams with actionable insights from customer training journeys.
An All-In-One Training Suite
Design certification workflows with automated progress tracking and completion triggers.
Create training modules that combine content from Wilco, our partners, and custom challenges.
SDK and Customization
Create lifelike, engaging, hands-on scenarios using the Wilco stack or your own codebase.
Powerful Analytics
Easily track, manage, and analyze how developers interact with Wilco, and their journeys throughout your content.
Gamification Engine
Turn any training and certification scenario into a game-like, uniquely engaging experience that simulates real work.
AI-Enhanced Bots
Ensure smooth progression with AI-enhanced bots that won’t let your users get stuck on their journeys.
An Out-of-the-Box Sandbox
Or Intergrate your own stack!

Introducing Sierra AI

Create interactive, immersive training experiences in minutes using AI. With Sierra, you can generate highly engaging, personalized learning modules and curriculums on any topic from a simple prompt. Endless learning possibilities at your fingertips.
Industry-Leading Technology and Support
"Segment is an infrastructure-type tool that can be hard to demo without having other components present. Wilco's quest builder makes it easy to have those components preconfigured so that the prospective customer can jump right into the learning rather than spending a lot of time fiddling with environmental quirks. Wilco was a great fit for us at Segment because it neatly wraps the whole developer experience.”
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Ben Link
Developer Advocate
Twilio Segment
"The Wilco platform allows MongoDB to take the best elements of “learning by doing” out to a wider audience and engage them with tasks and challenges that are both fun and educational. By getting developers to use MongoDB as part of a quest, and dive into our developer data platform, we hope to open the doors to them to consider MongoDB for their next project or workload.
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Shane McAllister
Lead Developer Advocate (Global)
“Wilco has created an original way for developers to gain experience with tools, and we are excited to provide the opportunity for developers to engage with our product in a real-world setting, enabling us to easily communicate the value our product offers, while allowing developers to quickly acquire expertise.”
Jemiah SiusDirector of Developer Advocacy
New Relic
"We used Wilco to help new users quickly understand Mixpanel’s value by showcasing our product features through a very immersive experience. With Wilco's training, our users got the "aha moment" from the get-go. The team at Wilco supported us throughout the quest creation process, and we also leveraged their AI quest generator.”
Alon Binman
Strategic Architect
“With Wilco, developers see clearly how CircleCI can solve real-world engineering challenges, in a way that just can’t be communicated through a standard tutorial. Whether while up-skilling themselves, onboarding to a new team or during continuous on-the-job training, we’re excited for developers to engage with CircleCI within Wilco quests.”
Tom TrahanVP Business Development
Circle CI
“Wilco is by far the most engaging tech training solution we’ve seen. We’ve chosen the platform to onboard new hires, prepare team members for on-call shifts and upskill our more experienced devs on an ongoing basis.”
Dan Van Tran