Developer Tip of the Week: What is Observability in Software Development?

Developer Tip of the Week: What is Observability in Software Development?
Written by
Shedrack Akintayo
December 30, 2022
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Observability is a term used in software development that refers to the ability to see what is happening inside a software system. This enables developers to identify and fix issues, improve performance, and maintain the overall health of a software system.

There are several components of observability, including:

  • Monitoring: Is a process in software development used to find out how well a computer program is doing in terms of performance and behaviour, by looking at it in real time. It is a way to find out if there are any problems or potential issues before they become Critical.
  • Logging: This involves the process of recording information about actions and events that happen within a software system. This information, called logs, can be used to track changes, find errors, and solve problems.
  • Tracing: This involves following the path of requests and responses through a software system. By doing so, developers can understand how various components of the system are interacting and locate any bottlenecks or performance issues
  • Debugging: This involves finding and correcting errors in a software system. Tools like debuggers and profilers can be used to determine the source of an issue and assist developers in resolving it.

Observability helps developers understand the workings of a software system and anticipate issues before they become severe. It is valuable for detecting and improving performance issues, increasing the dependability of a software system, and verifying that it satisfies its users' needs.

In conclusion, observability is a crucial part of software development and is necessary for maintaining the efficiency and well-being of a software system. By employing effective monitoring, logging, tracing, and debugging techniques, developers can guarantee that their software systems are functioning smoothly and fulfilling the requirements of their users.


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