New Quest: Implement a New Feature for a Demanding Boss in "Let It Sink"

New Quest: Implement a New Feature for a Demanding Boss in "Let It Sink"
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December 19, 2022

Things are afoot in the world of Anythink, the fantasy company where Wilco users work on their skills! Enon Husk, a businessman who doesn’t in any way resemble any real-life person, purchased Anythink and is now making some changes. He also fired most of the staff, so it’s up to you to implement everything he wants — or face the dreaded code review.

In this quest, you’ll learn how to add a new field to the database model, add a new property to an API, add a new field to the frontend app and implement design for a new feature. You’ll also learn how difficult it can be to work for eccentric billionaires.

The “Let It Sink” quest is an example of what can be accomplished relatively quickly using our new Quest Builder, which enables anyone to create Wilco quests. And while its content is humorous, the skills it teaches developers — adding a new feature to both the frontend and the backend, with everything it entails — are tangible and marketable. 

Want to build your own quests? Start here. You’re also invited to sign up for our hackathon, with $5,000 in prizes for winning teams. 

So what are you waiting for? Click here to start 'Let It Sink'.


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