Introducing the Wilco Quest Builder

Introducing the Wilco Quest Builder
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December 6, 2022
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Ever since we launched the first public version of the Wilco platform in June, we were hinting at our next major update: giving everyone the ability to create Wilco quests. We said that by the end of 2022, anyone who wants to build a quest will be able to. Today, we make good on this promise!

Introducing the Wilco Quest Builder!

When our team creates quests, we take our personal experiences and turn them into hands-on developer challenges. It’s about taking a skill one of us has, deconstructing the way it was acquired, then building a simulation of that process. And while there are many talented developers working at Wilco, there are far more talented developers who do not (yet) work for us. 

Moreover, ever since the beginning, we’ve envisioned quests being built by all kinds of creators: developers who want to demo their technology in a fun and immersive way, educators who want to complement theoretical classes, companies that want to do hands-on training for on-call duty, and communities that just want to have fun. In fact, we’re most excited about the quests we ourselves can’t imagine. 

Just look at what our launch partners are building: launched their first quest today, which focuses on how to handle permission management. Soon you’ll also be able to play quests from CircleCI, Armory, Xata, IronHack, and many more. 

Creating a quest is a straightforward, language-agnostic process. You edit configuration files to create a script, add a narrative and some graphical assets, and upload it. We’ve also prepared robust SDK documentation for the builder and will soon launch a content series for aspiring quest builders. You can read more about it here

But wait, there’s more!

Together with the builder, we’re announcing a global online hackathon. The hackathon, with $5,000 in cash prizes, will run between January 8th and 28th — and everyone’s invited. Read more about it here