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⦁ Deploy a front-end app
⦁ Refactor using Hooks
⦁ Tie back-end to front-end
⦁ Implement a search interface

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⦁ Deploy a back-end app
⦁ Detect bugs in production
⦁ Add observability tools
⦁ Improve site peformance

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A Little Bit of Both

Want to try all kinds of
web development tasks?
We’ll pick a few quests for
you to get you started.

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Gain Dev Skills at Your Own Pace, While Having Fun!

Just Like Real Life

Your stack, your computer, your code

Advance from "hello world" to "hello production" and solve problems instead of just completing assignments that no one ever encounters in the real world. Pick a stack, open your favorite IDE, and start building things (or fixing things) that challenge you to be a better developer.

It feels real

because the things you practice are beyond writing code

Bored by videos and tutorials? We get you! At Wilco, you'll join a fantasy company with its own production environment that simulates lifelike challenges. We'll also simulate co-workers for you to talk to on Snack, our messaging platform the likes of which you've never seen.

Want to Acquire a Specific Skill?

There's a quest for that!

Our ever-expanding quest catalogue has something for every developer, whatever your experience level is. Deploy apps, find bugs, implement new features, and monitor performance using observability tools. Want to create you own Wilco quest? Soon you will be able to!

Choose your flavor

pick a stack you're familiar with, or try something new

What our community is saying

"I'm working remotely as a full stack developer for a wonderful company. It tooks years of work to change industries. The experience I got from completing quests on Wilco absolutely helped me not only get the job, but also be prepared to work with a team of other developers. Thank you Wilco!"

Ryan Olsen

Software Developer @ Portland Webworks

"Wilco gives me the opportunity to challenge myself in a joyful and meaningful way that was hard to reach otherwise as a junior developer."

Oryam Nehoray

Web Developer @ Webiya

"Learning the fundamentals of Git and GitHub was super confusing when I first learned to code. I didn't experience many situations where I'd open pull requests and collaborate with a team. Wilco simulates that environment and enables new developers to gain knowledge of industry standards."

Rizel Scarlett

Developer Advocate @ Github

"Wilco completely succeeds in what it sets out to be: a realistic simulation of integrating a junior developer into a company. The guided approach to all of the traditional first steps (setting up an environment, contributing to the first task...), makes it easy to feel the sense of progress while still giving lots of room to explore and try to figure things out on one’s own."

André Ferreira

Bootcamp Instructor @ Ironhack

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