Showcase Your Product's True Value Through Hands-On Exploration
Reduce friction in your sales and adoption funnels using Wilco's virtual lab. Put users through realistic, value-driven demo scenarios, and certify external audiences’ proficiency with lifelike challenges
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Reduce Time-to-Value and Increase Retention

Challenge-BasedValue Demonstration

Take prospects and users on a self-guided journey that shows how your product or a new feature addresses their pains.

Client Onboarding

Demonstrate features and teach best practices that’ll reduce support overhead, using game-like interactive challenges we call Quests.


Certify users’ and partners' ability to work with your product in real-life situations, as well as their proficiency with any part of the toolset you provide.

Engagement Data

Generate actionable insights about friction points in your onboarding and certification processes using granular engagement metrics.
Seamless Experience for Your Customers
Design certification workflows with automated progress tracking and completion triggers.
Create training modules that combine content from Wilco, our partners, and custom challenges.
SDK and Customization
Create lifelike, engaging, hands-on scenarios using the Wilco stack or your own codebase.
Powerful Analytics
Easily track, manage, and analyze how your prospects and clients interact with Wilco, including friction in their engagement funnels.
Gamification Engine
Turn any training scenario into a game-like, uniquely engaging experience with realistic hands-on challenges.
AI-Enhanced Bots
Ensure smooth progression with AI-enhanced bots that won’t let your users get stuck on their journey.
An Out-of-the-Box Sandbox
Or Intergrate your own stack!
Industry Leading Technology and Support
“Wilco has created an original way for developers to gain experience with tools, and we are excited to provide the opportunity for developers to engage with our product in a real-world setting, enabling us to easily communicate the value our product offers, while allowing developers to quickly acquire expertise.”
Jemiah Sius Director, Developer Advocacy
New Relic
“With Wilco, developers see clearly how CircleCI can solve real-world engineering challenges, in a way that just can’t be communicated through a standard tutorial. Whether while up-skilling themselves, onboarding to a new team or during continuous on-the-job training, we’re excited for developers to engage with CircleCI within Wilco quests.”
Tom TrahanVP Business Development
Circle CI
"We used Wilco to help new users quickly understand Mixpanel’s value by showcasing our product features through a very immersive experience. With Wilco's training, our users got the "aha moment" from the get-go. The team at Wilco supported us throughout the quest creation process, and we also leveraged their AI quest generator.”
Alon Binman
Strategic Architect